Jolo chips : What is Jolo chips? jolo chips price in India

Hello friends, today we will talk about Jolo chips, what is Jolochips? What is the price of Jolo chips in India? Why are Jolochips so spicy? In today’s post, I will tell all these things in detail, so friends, if you also want to know, then definitely read this article till the last –

Hello friends, my name is Manish Goswami, and welcome to all of you in another new article on, today we are going to tell you the truth about Jolo chips. Do read this post completely to know!


Friends, you must have seen that many big YouTubers are making videos on youtube by eating Jolo chips. You guys must have seen a few months ago that whoever was making videos on Jolo chips, their videos were playing a lot, getting good views and likes. In the end, what is the truth of Jolo chips, let’s know?

Jolochips Side Effects

Friends, all of you must know about jolochips, if you do not know then you can check my previous articles. There you will get complete information about jolochips. Today we will know what are the side effects of Jolochips.

Today we will tell you what are the disadvantages of eating jolochips. So friends, if you have not eaten jolochips yet, or if you are going to eat jolochips, then you need to know what are the disadvantages of eating jolo chips. To know, read this post completely.

Jolo chips : What is Jolo chips? jolo chips price in India
Jolo chips : What is Jolo chips? jolo chips price in India

Side effects of Jolochips

Friends, do you know that Jolochips are not normal chips. This is the world’s hottest chili chips. It is made from chili only.

  • By eating Jolochips, you will also stop speaking for some time. That is, if you want to speak after eating these jolochips, then you will not be able to speak even if you want.
  • After eating these chips, a different burning sensation starts in your eyes. Even there is a risk of losing your eyesight.
  • After eating these chips, we go crazy for some time. Or our body starts feeling like restlessness.

Where are Jolo Chips made?

Friends, you must be thinking that where Jolo chips are made, then let me tell you that Jolo chips are made in India only.

Where to get Jolo chips?

Friends, you must be thinking that where will you get Jolo chips, then let me tell you that you will not find Jolo chips anywhere in the market, but in many big cities, you will find them in big malls. Most people order it from amazon or flip kart. You will easily find it on Amazon and Flipkart.

Price – Now friends talk about its price, then friends you will get 5 grams of Jolo chips for ₹ 199, its price is slightly higher. In this you will get a Chips.

Friends, these chips are so expensive because there is no normal chili in it, the chili which is lying in it is 200X times more pungent than normal chili.


Now friends let’s talk about which ingredients are there – Corn, Canola oil, Edible Activated Charcoal Powder, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, Ghost Pepper, jalapeo seasoning, lonized salt, Calcium propionate [E282] and Sodium Propionate [ E282] All these ingredients are in this chips.

Friends, if you want to taste this Jolo chips, then you can taste it, but yes definitely keep in mind that if you have never eaten something very spicy, then do not eat it by forgetting, and children should be given this chips. Keep it away

Conclusion – Friends, I hope you guys have understood what is Jolo chips? How much do Jolo chips cost? Where are Jolo chips made? I have told you many other things in the above post, I hope you guys must have liked this article. Thank you

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